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At each World Congress of Poets, the organization committee tries to focus on a message to give the world. In 2008, it was in the form of this Poets’ Communique.

The signatures did not weather well the transfers required from original to copier to scanner to photoshop to website. Those that signed are listed below. Those that did not sign but were present at the congress did not attend this particular session.

Signatures: Benjamin R. Yuzon, Philippines and CA, USA; Wanda A. Rider, TN, USA; Mary Halliburton, AL, USA; Bettye Hammer Givens, TX, USA and Paris, France; Kenneth Kuanling Fan, China and Taiwan; Dr. Deborah Louise Morgan Martin, VA, USA; R. Flores Bogart, CA, USA and Manila, Philippines; Joseph Harris, AZ, USA; Rafael Jesus Gonzalez, CA, USA and Mexico; Judy Hardin Cheung, CA, USA; Novin Afrouz, Italy and Iran; Rosemary Harris-Mallenson, GA, USA; Maria Kubaiska, Macedonia; Gerald W. Capps, TN, USA; Anita Slater Capps, Tn, USA; Marie Palazzolo, TN, USA; Carol E.L. Doering, CA, USA; Rex B. Valentine, WA, USA; Dulcie Levene, England; Elma D. Photikarm, Philippines and IL; Peter Meister, AL, USA; Pilar G. Yuzon, Philippines and CA, USA; Elizabeth B. Damandon, Canada and WA, USA; Richard Angilly, CA, USA; Natica Angilly, CA, USA; Sarah Lum, CA, USA; Lola Haskins, FL, USA; Young-Jai Park, Korea; Alexander Chang, Australia, Guo-I Lee, China and Taiwan; Genyu Jiang, China; Demitris Pl Kraniotis, Greece

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Poets’ Communiqué

Representatives of the 20th World Congress of Poets and Worldwide

We agree that in the 21st century the world has become one small global village and that, furthermore, because the world moves fast, we have to move too. Poetry, we maintain, is its most touching and elegant language. As a way of enhancing, appreciating, and respecting East and West, we wish to build the Bridge of Hearts between them.

This world of ours today is far from what people dream and aspire. We humbly volunteer ourselves to assist in communication, understanding, and the deeper appreciation of each other’s uniqueness and beauty. Deep in people’s hearts there are tiny green seeds of love waiting to grow. We have a new dream for the world that will nourish these seeds–namely, harmony, peace and therapy through poetry. We’ll revive love, transmit our history to those who follow us, exchange the best of our cultures, create poetic paintings, art and management, always dialoguing, affirming and integrating. Through poetry we’ll attempt to inspire and purify minds; offer spiritual and physical well-being; stimulate creativity; balance developments, manage environments; minimize poverty, backwardness and discrimination; protect the rights of women, children and those underprivileged; explain the real meaning and use of science, democracy, honesty, mutual-respect, education, culture, economy and society. We want peace, not war and terrorism. Despite our difference, we know we have the same hearts. Together, with the holy boldness, we aspire to build a society of peace, harmony, love, prosperity and happiness. We will be the poetic engineers who with sanctified imagination will enlighten the corridors of history and chart a path to the better tomorrow.

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