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United Poets Laureate International is a 501c7 international organization registered in the Security and Exchange Commission of the Philippines and registered in the United States. Established on December 8, 1963 in Manila, Philippines, by Dr. Amado M. Yuzon, this organization’s fourth and recently past president was Dr. Benjamin R. Yuzon, Hon. Ph.D, M.E., son of the founder. Founder Amado M. Yuzon’s younger son, Virgilio A. Yuzon from Manila, Philippines, is now president and leading us forward with new and innovative plans.

The purpose and motto of UPLI is to promote “world brotherhood and peace through poetry”.

UPLI is the parent organization of the World Congress of Poets. Approximately every two years, a World Congress of Poets is held, organized and run by a president who has been elected by the UPLI Board of Directors. During our Congresses, poets from around the world come together in friendship and celebration to hear each other’s poems, listen to scholarly papers presented about poetry, and to bestow honors for poetry, including certificates, medals and the much coveted golden laurel crowns. Most of all, we gather to meet both old and new friends and to enjoy the company of each other while experiencing brotherhood and understanding with friends from many countries, cultures and points of view.

Virgilio, or Gil as he likes to be called, has been installed on March 25, 2014, in Osaka, Japan. He has many ideas which are forward thinking and innovative. We look forward to success, growth and revitalization under Gil’s leadership. Welcome, President Virgilio (Gil) Yuzon.

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