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There will be a maximum of ten finalists in each category, from whom three winners will be chosen and the following prizes awarded:

(If there is an insufficient number of entries in any category or if the judges do not deem the entries qualified for specific prizes, they may withhold the awarding of such prizes.)

All finalists will be awarded certificates of recognition and will be entitled to a free one-year membership in UPLI (if they apply formally and their membership is approved).
All finalists will have their poems featured in an Anthology planned for publication for the next World Congress of Poets (WCP). Publication of the Anthology will depend on the number of entries received and finalists chosen.
All finalists and winners will be officially announced in the UPLI website and selected social media, and prizes will be sent in the most expeditious way, depending on the country of residence of the winners.
Non-UPLI contest participants may apply for membership in UPLI, using the official form in the UPLI website, and subject to the usual rules for screening and approval.
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