by Bridget Eu Yoke Lin (MALAYSIA)

Sampran Riverside, picturesque, serene and calm
O! Beauty intoxicates hearts of poets all around
Where souls submerge in this poetic charm
By the river, mesmerized, awesome feelings all surround

The scenery, surroundings exude elegance
As world poets gathered, enchanted and dance
Throughout the colorful nights in brilliance
Their graceful twirls in full swirls

The nights were alluring and young
By the lounge, the charming pianist playing, the nightingales, they sung
Cheerful melodies, angelic voices, lovely songs, they mingle
As the sopranos, tenors, baritones continue to dazzle

In the World Congress of Poets, Bangkok, hospitality bloomed
The poets, grateful, unite in sheer delight
Poetry readings, songs and dance, fill the night
Captivating hearts, warming souls and minds alike

Where world peace, love and brotherhood ignite
In harmony, the diverse cultures, they unite
With each handshake, a smile, the ambassador poet takes a stride
In true Solidarity, waving flags with great pride

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