by Jeffrey Williams (USA)

In the midst of all the rubble,
I find a mixture of hope and trouble.
Beneath the dismal reality of pain,
I find the calm of blessing’s gain.

I see a nation’s poised resolve,
no hint of letting self dissolve,
I see a peoples’ acknowledged pride
find deliverance in strength and stride.

In this aftermath of frozen time,
I pray for souls of those unkind,
For they knew not the true cost and price,
when they took a chance and rolled the dice.

I spite of all they boast and claim,
these men of fear, these men of shame
fear that progress makes values blend
and with it tyranny’s hold shall end.

I pray for those who shall defend
And cease the hearts of foolish men,
who once too often forced freedom’s price
with hearts too cold, more cold than ice.

In the aftermath of this unkind,
the sun once again begins to shine
In the shadows of crimson red,
lay the honored, freedom’s dead.

In the aftermath history finds,
a world no longer conscience blind,
A world joined forever as it defends
the choice of freedom, where life begins.

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