by Gerry Jacobson & Genie Nakano

golden brown leaves
through light grey rain,
inside – I’m dancing

falling leaves
whirling dervishes
spiral upwards
to another entity

the little one
ventures the dance floor
into her future
I whirl in what’s past

music in the room
gets us rocking on our feet
we turn around
lose our heads
fall in love again

for that dancing girl
all painted up
on the wall of a cave
for twenty thousand years

cold and dark
the warmth of summer gone
that dream again…
I ride a Camargue horse
bareback across the marshlands

walking the dyke,
kissed by raindrops
striding ahead
smelling the sea…
end of a journey

he wants out
I think we should go on,
times are rough
rivers must keep flowing –
how deep is the ocean

gliding slowly
through a narrow channel
between two rocky islands
one’s his…and one’s hers

crash, bling, blink
china across the room, then
she’s out the door –
old patterns need to change,
talking is not enough

blessed are those
who plant peace
this season –
they shall harvest
and eat in the spring

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