by Genie Nakano & Gerry Jacobson

ice cream melts
on chubby fingers
in July
city centre about to fry
the siren blasts a tragedy

after our swim
we three children sit
with cold drinks,
wishing this would
last forever…

Dad floats
Mum teaches me
I was one with water
before I could walk

the Teign river
ripples and sparkles
in sunlight
between dark pools ---
so does my life

my lover says
a childhood of hardship
made me strong ---
perhaps its brought us together
moving into the light

Bogong moth
fluttering on the floor
beside me…
we move together
when the music starts

quite a plain girl
wearing muted colours…
they dance all night
as I watch them, wondering
what’s she got that I haven’t

January noon
with summer love

off the wall
into a mid-summer night
with firefly sky
crickets in competition ---
pinch me…is this real

Christmas morning
cicadas chirping
flies buzzing
mosquitos biting
cockatoos squawking

you’re hot, I’m cold
on the other side of the world
I imagine you
to be here with me, blazing
while my heart is on fire

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