by Jeffrey Williams

I look around, I feel too new to apostle the words You ask.
I see all is Thine; I am humbled by Your presence.

I hear Your Words, then look around, something seems amiss.
Your shepherd’s staff led me well, guiding me from danger.
Now You ask for leap of faith to cross my greatest challenge.

I look around and see others straying from Your spoken path.
Do you want me working side-by-side with those unproven to
Your task? What do you mean mine is not to judge but to
follow with an opened heart, a model for Your way?

No, I am not without, first nor last,
I cannot cast a stone.
Your point well taken,
a decision I must make.
I know the answer,
this cup I cannot pass.

Help me please,
which path am I to walk,
against my grain with disdain,
or with your grain and the pain
that comes with righteous living?

I look around, I understand, my mind and spirit now one.
My actions and my words…Your gifts, Your tools, guided by Your Light.

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