by Dr. Ashok T. Chakravarthy

Autumn leaves flutter with the early morning gales
Dew drops sparkle under the reflecting sunrays,
The golden horizon unfolds another dawn, delightful
Soft and cool, a dream unfurls in thoughts castle.

Blessed are the flowers which during nights blossom
Blessed are the buds which for a tomorrow dream,
Blessed are the clouds adorning the sky with delight
Blessed are we, whoever cherishes the adorable sight.

Amity and identity adorn the earth as ornamental peace
A place, where human love and concern should thrive;
Why can’t we exhibit our wit, patience and tolerance?
To sort our forced alienations and budding differences.

The sprouts of evil, — ‘injustice and non-cooperation’,
The hassles of progress, — ‘hatred, ego and rebellion’,
When these are conquered with love and self-realization,
The planet earth is bound to become an abode of heaven.

Instead of ruin, we foresee equivalence and prosperity
Instead of darkness, we shall see a worthwhile future;
The clouds of passion shall shower everlasting trust,
The winds of change shall blow every atom of mistrust.

On the ripples of freedom, floats and thoughts of peace
What a delight, if we pledge for such a worthy cause!

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