by Peggy Leyva Conley (USA)

She wants to be your female Butterfly
so you can both Fly and Spread your Wings
Up into the Sky so high during the Morning and late at Night
Into the Sunset
As the Motion of Love is set as that of a Time-Clock ticking into the new Day
A Whisper in the Wind is heard through the Trees
As if calling both your names
Sweet words and Secrets no one dares to hear or speak of only as Lovers and Confidants
Oh how she can love you inside out
To touch and to feel your Body as Sacred space to embrace
She wants to be your female Butterfly
Sweet scent of a Woman
A gentle and soothing touch
As gentle as the Breeze that comes in Summer Season through the Palm Trees
Your Hearts filled with Love as that of a Full Cup of Nectar
Ever flowing sweet Honey
Kisses of Strawberry Scent
She is your Butterfly forever.

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