by Ambika Ananth (INDIA)

O woman
Be sensitive, sensual, erudite, prim and proper
Be self-contained
You cannot be loud and witty, says the world
“Hey, I know no such boundaries
I am born to be quick and quick witted
I am not bound in the tight space between
Your do’s and don’ts
My mind is keyed to the humour and joy of every day.”
Though the landscape of feminine struggles
tries to saturate my senses with darkness
The sunshine of wit sneaks out sharply
To catch and enjoy moments of life
Like when a friend says—
“He has a face of a saint,
but adds with a twinkle, A Saint Bernard’s” ha ha ha…
Or when another questions
“If money doesn’t grow on trees
Why do banks have branches…? He he he…

I wish to live like that with a perfect merger

Of me, my wit, my laughter
With healthy lungs, with lively mind!!

Wit has the power

of leaving lasting presence on another heart
Wit fills one with the luxuriousness

to make faces at life’s vagaries
Wit frees the freedom trapped inside

to navigate one to the land of smiles

O I love myself or rather my witty honest self
sprinkling unsullied joy on the way

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