by Eu Yoke Lin (Malaysia)

It is a strange thing about love in marriage
It is often the person who loves you most
Is the person who hurts you most!
Or the person you love most is the person
Whom you have hurt the most!
This is the irony of love, on the contrary so

It’s when you care for each other so much
That you dare to tell the truth in so many things
And the irony of truth is,
It often hurts to the core and truth is as cruel as it can be
Tis something you hope to deny or even hear at all

But at the end of day,
To accept the truth or not, it’s not important after all
Because your love for each other is so pure
That you can still make peace,
To love and to respect in spite of it all
That’s when the beauty of true love prevails
For not one year, ten years but thirty-eight years or more
That’s the irony of love, the true love that conquers it all!

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