by Bridget Eu Yoke Lin

Can I take this seat? Sorry reserve seat
Front seats fully occupied as usual
Back seats available, no other choice
A life story, all too familiar, it happens all the time
My short intellect does not understand why?

Perhaps my inarticulate voice, my shy demeanor
Perhaps it is true, my short intellect tells me too
My intelligence low, my ego is no glow
I try, I strive and persevere but still way below!

Does it matter? My short intellect enquires so
Be happy, Ignorance is bliss! Worries! Say the least
Politics, money matters, tricks are not in this list
One day, all will rise towards the skies, bye and bye!
But only to find no reserved seats, no front seats, no back seats
A sigh of relief, we are equal in God’s eyes!
My short intellect believes in this, by and by!

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