by Dr. Ashok Chakravarthy

Memory is my companion
It speaks any language.
It knows extremely well
What with I am acquainted to.
While hopes keep on inspiring
And illusions keep on motivating
In search of emotional peace
I keep searching, but, all in vain.
The nature I utmost loved
The roses I most cherished,
The birds I sweetly watched
Whirl on my mind’s screen.
The plundered days of past
The baffled years of youth,
And the tearful adieu you bid
Ruined every future path I laid.
Now, I can either speak of today
Or can speak about the tomorrow,
Under the debris of love-realm
The world of mine lay crumbled.
Except for the fast fading ‘memory’
There is no reliable companion;
The eventual desire to reach you
Stands evaporated, once and for all.

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