by Bridget Eu Yoke Lin

he red lanterns lined the streets, houses and bridges
Its bright color, lighted up to attract attention and good luck
Its significance as culture believed in the East
To celebrate a good year of abundance
Then another year of prosperity and growth
This cycle will continue for centuries to go!

The red lanterns signify the Chinese New Year by and large
The color red is auspicious to dispel evil! Is this myth or truth?
Whilst the children excited in red new clothes with plenty to eat
The elders prepare the small red packets of monetary gifts
The fire crackers in rows, will be hung on poles, when lighted
Its explosive sound audible and frenzy festivity sparks!

As the celebration begins each year, a thought to remember
That thanksgiving to the Heavenly God and the ancestors, a prayer to offer
The red lanterns with their significance for auspicious events
Is the fore bearer of good tidings!
The red lanterns, we are happy and eager to see
As they always denote the good things in life!

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