by Dr. Ashok Chakravarthy

The world is a mere decoration of delusions
Yet, we vie for them without future visions;
Fleeting pleasures are sheer wombs of grief
Realize, they play havoc in our day-to-day life.

Selfish world supports the notion of supremacy
Conflicts and wars control the law of diplomacy,
Every continent is torn between conflicts and ruin
Midnight peace has become scarce for humans.

Every heart longs for a life of peace and amity
Every heart aspires to live in a place of serenity;
But for a living, why we indulge in aimless actions?
And get perturbed, yes, with self-inflicted pains.

Desperate thoughts, often into the past roll back
Unaware, we ruffle the pages of childhood book,
The crescent moon, the twinkling stars appear,
We traverse the peace space in moon’s glitter.

A positive approach with a wisdom-laced vision
Ushers a new dawn with peace and realization;
Be it the dawn, mid-day, dusk fall or mid-night
Only peace fills every heart with eternal delights.

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