Dr. Ashok Chakravarthy Tholana

It’s a most ill-fated day . . .
When everything went astray,
Breaking the bond of our ‘love’
And pulling me from skies above;
The cradle of dreams, you broke,
And, on a thorny path I fell awake.

The cozy flowers of beauty
Which blossom as a routine duty;
Perhaps never bothered . . .
That, soon they shall fall withered,
Or may get forcibly plucked
And mercilessly thrown unnoticed.

Yes, the battle of life is hard to fight
Yet, for survival every life fights,
But, a lazy and thoughtless revolt
Creeps in me after the ‘love jolt’;
Yet, I am happy to breathe again
For in my heart, strongly you remain.

All the worldly divides can be broken
But, do not break the heart of a human,
It is a place where ‘love’ dwells
It’s a source, where love speaks or tells;
Sacrificing pride, let’s choose a path
That draws us close with eternal warmth.

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