by Rex B. Valentine

Love can really be fun!
But you can’t just love anyone.
Abilities vary; too heavy to carry
can be a back-breaker to shun.

Then, my weight’s a worry to me.
I’m watching the scale, so you see.
If I cut out the sweets
and don’t eat fat meats,
my profile looks better on me.

Love is a blossoming word,
its expansion quite often is blurred.
Pursued more in jest
it soon is, at best,
a way to home plate around third.

Love can be true or unjust;
adoring, or ruined by lust.
Stay on the right path,
find goodness, not wrath,
and a partner in faith you can trust.

Love still is the beauty in marriage,
and fosters a new baby carriage.
A family is great,
so have six or eight.
Don’t allow anyone to disparage.

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