by Manette Yuzon-Cortes

Such a morbid thought!
Oh, Death, you scare us all
You represent grief
The end of life and happiness!

Like a thief you rob us of life.
Many times, sickness and pain
Herald your arrival.
Being clueless is the worst thing
That can ever happen!

Death what are you?
Do you announce the end of existence?
Do we turn into dust
As in wasted life?

I think the answers are revealed by Mother Nature.
As a seed from a withered fruit falls to the ground,
It gets buried and grows back into a small plant
Which gradually grows back into a tree.

Life is a cycle, as the beginning meets the end.
Our origin is the Creator, and our end is also He!
He intends the seeds of our beings to evolve
into better souls
Our lives to tell stories of productivity
Just like the fruits that we enjoy!

We see the stories of our lives in a fruit or a flower!
One is nourishing, the other beautiful
Both are very sweet and oh so delightful!
God has intended us to be exactly like this.

As it grows, a tree undergoes challenges of all kinds.
The tree faces various threats in the change of seasons.
Drought, floods, forest fires, and the greed of some.
It has a choice to get tough
To survive and bear fruits bountifully!

The seed is a witness to the tree that it was.
Generous with its abundance despite the challenges it had faced.
Just like the seed, our spirits reveal the lives we have led.
The seed of our existence is the meaning we bring in death.

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