1001 Amazements

Natica Angilly

The 1001 ways a poem might be danced
only waits for invitation.
The drama of stage is made from the dance of the everyday
Seductive attraction weaves the words,
the story spirals and turns.
Intension interprets our moving perception.
The being of the telling is the telling of the being.
The dance of being is the being of dance

Expression communicates the self of time and place.
The image maker: — the fascinator — engages experience
-imagery — impression and remembrance.
The stuff of continuum dances our stories.

Is my choreography by me, for me –
or for you?
You are always there –

Dimensions curve and are carefully observed.
Our universe of poems moves and is moved.
1001 possibilities light, circle and energize.
Creativity is ignited.

Thought, word, and action share the secrets of sequence.
The veils of essence flow. An idea clues the forever,
forms, re-forms and forges frontier.
The universe moves our drama of the alpha and omega,
the rock, and the snow.

Memory writes delights, stages, restages, invents and enchants.
With a nod to Scheherazade, poetry dances –
1001 amazements unfold.

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