Jeffrey H. Williams

In the solitude of my thoughts,
I see your beauty and I feel your touch,
I mourn the emptiness of being apart.

When we are apart, I am aware of your presence,
your essence surrounds like a sundrenched Caribbean day
and your voice soothes like the rhythmic approach of quiet tide.

In those moments,
I experience the comfort of your embrace
as you pull me closer and closer until we blend into one,
Your mind aware of my thoughts, my heart sustained by yours;
as though we transcend corporeal form, and succumb to an enlightened

…a moment of profound contentment where…

I am whole, without worry or anxiety, and the reassurance of your smile
and the warmth of your caress instills my belief in better days
and more time spent enjoying each other.

Each moment before we kiss,
I feel your urgent anticipation of the second and third,
I savor your gentle embrace and ride your wave of ecstasy.

In those moments when we make love,
silence is not lonely and words acquiesce to
quiescence as we share the transparency of being in love.

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