by Ambika Ananth

Like snapped pearls from the
eternal celestial strings
the shiny droplets
race down
in one great rapture
dancing to the
percussion of thunders-
rolling and rumbling
Each drop becomes
a dancing musical note
tracing its way
into earth’s expectant soul
to release the symphony
of earthy fragrant scent !

Covered in puddles of moist joy
the wet earth sprouts goose flesh
of lush green smiles
as she feels inside
the gentle pushing
of eagerly opening seeds !

There is always joy and cheer
in the falling rain
as tender secrets and memories
are revived …
spreading sweet coolness
into the yearning hearts
rain continues its dance..
Jingling ‘dandiya’ rhythms
in its passionate streams
it flows in nectarine cascades

When it rains,
life springs back to

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