by Bridget Eu Yoke Lin

The menu’s list with exotic dishes, so delicious, my appetite increases
On top of this list, a special clip reads
“Highlight of the day-Shark’s Fin Soup, our specialty delight!”
Instantly, my appetite in bits, vivid memories came alive!

Images of Shark Finning, with scenes of helpless, tortured sharks
Rid of their fins, their bleeding bodies dumped into the seas
Struggling, choking, they sank and sank
Eventually drowned and vanished into the deep
The sharks like all creatures in the world
Have every right to live or die in dignity, just as you and me

But demand made its bid
The hunters in shipping vessels
Plundered the sharks’ fins in enormous heaps
Their loot, a hefty price for keeps

This cruelty is but a bid to satisfy a gastronomic treat
This grotesque torture cannot be encouraged, pending on you and me
To think twice, think thrice
Before the next order is finalized!

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