Johnson John

‘I’m pleased, open your eyes
It’s time to stop!’

“Blessed is my spirit
Hearing Your blissful tone
Though I can’t see You.”

‘You can’t, nor is it necessary
I speak only through conscience
Now go and work hard!’

“Work? No! Let me continue.
Nothing more delightful than this act
No sorrow or happiness but peace
In this extreme silence.
Like those snowy peaks far away
I’d like to stay unchanged.”

‘Look at the paddy fields and farmlands down!
The farmers and the blue collars
Are in better meditation than what you were in.
I’m happier with the fragrance of their sweat
Than these incense suffocating.
They hear My voice everyday from nature
Though you took fourteen years.
It’s for despair and hope
Pain and pleasure that men are born
Not for turning to statues unemotional.
Go, work devotedly
That’s the greatest meditation!
Have a family so that I can live through you
And your descendants:
Waste no time chanting hollow words!’

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