by Alyza Lee Salomon

Hold on, my dearest other half!
That we are two souls adrift
in the shifting blue cosmos,
         attempting to create
         a larger unity
out of two singularities
is neither new nor special.

For all loving pairs
bound in time and space,
this rosy quest is
         the hardest work,
         the nearest wish,
         the largest joy.

What we seek
sometimes feels distant
as the sky-blue pink clouds
even though we hold between us
         the secret golden key
         to immeasurable growth,
         unimagined genius,
and indescribable renewal.

Sweet success in life
         is not the same
as success in togetherness.
Still, to remain separate
         yet special and resonant
within our nest of twofold-ness
is an ultimate consummation.

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