by Judy Hardin Cheung

Unfinished, the light shines on her face
but she doesn’t feel it yet.
Or, will she ever?
Her eyes are shut against the light
against the shadows of the other side.
The shadows hide the far side of her face,
distorts the image of her half hidden arm.
The shadows, she wants to dispel
yet they feel so comfortable.
In shadows she can not look up into the light,
can not open her eyes to the sight.
Can we help her out of her darkness?
Should we leave her in her comfortable discomfort?
Should we leave her until she reaches out, even if she can not?
She has the ability, being half in light.
She lacks the ability, being half in darkness.
She is an unfinished painting
filled with light and dark.
I was amazed to see
the artist was drawing a picture of me.

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