by Dr. Ashok Chakravarthy Tholana

Like a mother, so is a father
Equally so, also is the teacher
We need to respect them forever;
They are the ones who shape our future
And pave the way for our bright future.

Like a ray of hope in dire situations
They guide us to safety with a real concern,
They steer us on to the path of realization
To ensure, we grow as responsible citizens
And, bring name and fame to our nation.

Till the light of knowledge is ignited in us
They make every effort to feel our bliss;
What they shower upon us, is pure love,
For our well-being, at all times they strive
So that;- with righteousness we thrive.

With childish pranks and matured actions
They groom us with care and concern,
With the shield of education they protect us,
Infuse knowledge that even inspire others
‘WHAT MORE DO WE NEED’ more than this.

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