by John Kolyav

Child: Mommy, who has a garden high?
Wow! Too many flowers in the sky!
There will be sure scent very nice
It must be of people wise.

Mother: They are stars, my dear child!
That is not a garden wild.

Child: Tell me mother, what is a star
And why stars did not fall so far.

Mother: They are as big as the sun
And bigger than our earth, my son!

Child: Is the sun bigger than the earth?
Were they there before my birth?
If they are big, why look so small?
And tell me why they do not fall.

Mother: The earth is smaller than the sun
And what I tell is not for fun
They burn from far, far away place
And they don't fall because of force.

Child: What force keeps them like this spread?
Are they tied with any big thread?

Mother: I think it is the force of God
If you want more, ask The Lord.

Child: Ha! Ha! Mommy does not know
How those things there stand and glow!

Mother: What we know are little things
What unknown are greater things.

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