by Ma. Remedios Kaplan Brown

Six months, the doctor warned
Six months to cram everything into life.
Not long enough to age a bottle of wine
Or plan for another harvest.
How does one turn six months of life into a gift?

Don’t stop dreaming insisted the wise man.
We all know that time runs out on everyone
But dreams don’t expire when we do.
They live on in other dreamers
Who will write better stories, paint better pictures.

Let not limitations define you.
Confirm what you already know
A rich life outweighs a long one.
Choosing life, not merely existence
Therein lies the challenge.

Let not physical discomfort or pain
Make you oblivious to earthly joys
That come with being here. Now.
Rejoice even while bound by the dimension of time.
Give thanks for when finally lets you free.

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