by Jacob Isaac

When the chair identifies you
Manner of legitimacy fall upon you
Figurative fame of the intrinsic image
Eloquently pronouncing the destiny of
Frothy peninsula of my daily
Dimensions of life and liability
Shape of surprise
Change of suspense
Listening the language of suspicious complexity
Smoking the promises of excitement
Scoring the memorable manuscript
Meshing the vague trenches of adaptation
Intolerance constituted the customary
Talents of nature and nostalgic ambiance
Do me my withered whisper of
Predicament testimony of creator
And timid less slogans
Careful conditions immortalizing the
Monument of saga of witness
There my insufficient stigma of
Heritage aimlessly counting
The prosperity of my village
Attaining attitude
Others are demanding filthy
Demonstrators of colliding copies
Vibrant repulsion of the Day.

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