by Ma. Lourdes Yuzon-Cortes

A quiet witness to our lives
The first to see our faces in the morn
Over decades that our kids were born
Transformations kept rolling by!

Hello! A smile for you today!
Do you like my hair?
Am I your lady fair?
I'm off to a party what can you say?

Sigh! Puffy eyes blink at you!
The baby got sick
I lack sleep
Or at times, life can be so burdensome!

Oh quiet witness on the wall!
You've been there for so long.
Watching our lives and faces
Slowly changing along with time!

Although, more than the physical
You saw deep within our souls
The hope we had
Sometimes turn to mere despair.

Dear quiet friend, we hope and pray
That someday soon, through our eyes
You'll fathom from the depth of our souls
The softened countenance of peace, contentment and quietude.

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