(Prayer Poem)

by Jose Roman Reyes Laquian

Once in a year we set a time, 
A special day we set apart 
Wherein we praise Thee, Lord Divine, 
In thankfulness of mind and heart . . . 

Lord God, we thank Thee on this day 
For wondrous things which Thou hast done, 
For Thy Great Love shown on our way 
By Jesus, Thy Beloved Son; 

For Thy gift of our Mother Tongue —
This bloodstream of our Motherland
Our poets speak with dignity,
O' God our Father, we thank Thee!

For breaking dawn and sun above 
With smile radiating happily;
For Larks' and Robins' Songs of Love, 
For blooming rose and humming bee, 

For yonder fields and meadows fair, 
For freshness of the morning air 
We breathe with family and friends 
Which Thou, Lord, to us daily sends;

For all gallant men and women
Who offered lives in Freedom's name
So that it rings time and again, 
Their heroisms we proclaim;

For seedtime and harvest's delight, 
For our shelters day and night, 
For giving us our daily bread, 
We thank Thee, Lord, we are well-fed; 

For all food set on our table, 
For tasty stuffing turkey plump, 
For hams and pies, and wines, and all 
For our Thanksgiving stomach lump, 

For giving us ability
To produce wealth from Thy bounty; 
For Thy blessings we'll always be 
Thankful to Thee, God Almighty!
From life's mountains or riverbanks 
May we be thankful unto death, 
May we, with each breath, give Thee Thanks 
Lord, as Thou give our daily breath!

All these in Jesus’ Name we pray
As our lips say “Amen,” this day . . . 

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