by Natica Angilly

Poetry dances for love.
Poetry dances for the soul.
Poetry dances for the sharing of our stories,
Our truths, our glories.

Poetry dances the spirit.
Poetry dances the sacred.
Poetry dances to relish the moment,
To remember the occasion—
And for the joy of expression

Poetry dances the awesome expanse of hope
For our peaceful coexistence and shares our moving essence.

Poetry asks us to become inspirational guides,
Who pray for, strive for, write toward
And appeal for world peace.

Our dancing atoms reach to understand;
To weave our intuitive nature for union and communion.
We inhale & exhale—To breathe that breath—

That breath of light—That breath of perception,
The poetic impression.

Connecting components of expression—
Merge. Together we share amazements,
Inform, transform—
And share the awe of reason,
The art of becoming. The poetry that dances for
For the spirit—
The soul, for sharing our stories—our truths, and glories.
Our continual motion: that moving poetry—
That awe—The Awe that dances poetry.

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