by Eva Tabaosares-Khor

Christmas season has music all its own.
That surpasses superb cathedral tunes.
It rings with a melody.
Unequalled by spring gaiety.

In the symphony of the universe,
The heavens resound in hymns of praise.
O, hear the angels' voices!
All of mankind rejoices!

So touched by the magic hand of goodwill.
Of warmth, of cheer, of friendliness, if you will.
All of God's creation,
Reached the state of near perfection.

Like the One whose birth we celebrate.
Who opened hearts which ones were filled with hate.
A Day to be merry!
A Day of generosity!

Ransomed from the servitude of a selfish year.
Of a selfish race, once blind to a brethren's cares.
This is my heart's desire,
The gifts that it requires.

To do a deal of good and to show it.
Of humble heart and grace not to know it.
Let's scatter the seeds of love.
In a wounded world, in which we're all a part of.

Let it grow.  Watch it flourish. This timeless Art.
That heals even the smallest of hearts.

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