by Atty. Rafael Evangelista

The chatter of the birds fall silent with the growing stillness
of the symphony of deepening night.
The busy white clouds that danced to the blaze of morning,
retreat silently at evening to the home of the golden sun,
now dressed with in the colours of his cloak:
an abstraction of rainbow strokes.

And as evening comes, the sun god, knowing that he soon must go,
tears up his robe of prismatic colours,
and spreads it across the western clouds in benediction,
a fond farewell and a promise of his return on the morrow.

His colours flame and blaze, reflections on the sea,
whose rouge - lipped waves lap gently,
heaving ruby swells, slowly, kaleidoscopically,
rocking the night to a tantalizing deep and profound sleep.

I slowly turn away from the framed abstraction
in my window of fading colors of purple blue orange and crimson.
Reassured by his promise that he will return
in the morrow in a blaze of gold and silver,
I slide into the gentle embrace of night and the caressing breeze,
and fall into peaceful slumber.

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