by Dr. Wanda Rider

The four winds carried your poetic seeds
Of inspiration to all men in all lands
Seeking out fertile minds for growth
Of peace and freedom in the world.

East Germany with the removal
Of the Berlin Wall.
Valiant endeavors of students
In Tiananmen Square.
The work of freedom in Romania, Czechoslovakia,
Bulgaria and Poland.
Efforts of Reagan, Bush, Thatcher, Gorbachev
Give shining hope to all people.

At no time has peace been more sought
Visible, desirable and actually attainable.
Peace is a gigantic enterprise; there is need
For every shoulder in the land.
Today’s rush toward world democracy makes this
The most noble time in man’s history –
The reach for freedom and peace
For all mankind.

We gather in Seoul in August 1990 to celebrate
The grand harvest and your memory
The outgrowth of this Twelfth World Congress
Will be an awareness of new found peace,
A renewed dedication toward freedom,
And especially
World Brotherhood and Peace Through Poetry.

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