a sestina

by Judy Davies

Hear the whisper of the rising wind,
empty and so cold. But when the day
is new and light is warm, dawn
on the mountain wears its lavish light.
Watch the birds as they rise into the sun
and freshness begins to breathe peace

into the morning. A modest, quiet peace
encouraged by a billowing wind
leans toward midday's brilliant sun,
highlighting its ever-warming day.
So begins a glorious display of light
that intensifies at the close of dawn.

Now, no more time to savor the dawn.
We need to move forward, welcome peace
and contentment, bask in broadening light,
let our hair blow softly in the wind,
capture the essence of today's day,
monitor time's march toward the fading sun.

It lasts only a few hours, this brilliant sun.
It has emerged from a cloudless dawn,
offering inspiration, inviting us to use the day
to full advantage, to enjoy the proffered peace,
to not hide behind shadows in the wind,
to not turn our backs on the dissipating light,

to feel with reverence the warmth of light
as it begins to slip behind the mountain sun.
A late day storm brews ominously in the wind
stirring clouds well in advance of a new dawn,
disrupting the illusion of a restful peace,
spilling its unwelcome distraction into our day.

It does not offer reprieve for the upcoming day
nor respite from a cloud-filled moon's light.
It does not shatter the stillness of peace
or beg tomorrow's absence of the sun.
It promises possibilities of a new dawn,
one enhanced by a more tranquil and hospitable wind.

Tomorrow we hope the day will sparkle in the sun,
unveil a generous light with the breaking of the dawn,
and a renewed peace will begin to whisper in the wind.

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