Dr. Ashok Chakravarthy Tholana

The ever-eluding universal peace
Pray, does not hide its serene face,
May the bond of love and concern
Co-exist forever between humans.
Let the polluting clouds of hatred
By the bond of ‘trust’ get scattered.

Peace is the only nectarine potion
That unites every human and region;
Providing succor to the starving lot,
Offering comfort to the broken hearts,
It bestows bliss of self-visualization
And dispels the darkness of aversion.

The very positive thought of ‘peace’
Inwardly and outwardly transform us
It compels to tread the righteous path,
By upholding values of love and faith.
With concern and delight, let us tread,
The path that leads us to lasting peace.

Let us show solidarity to prevent wars
And defeat the moves of war mongers;
Goddess of Peace – BLESS HUMANITY,
Peace and goodwill with a lasting unity,
Snatch not childhood and budding lives,
Without whom, can peace really thrive?

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