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Tetonia, Idaho, USA

Bob Rodriges (1931-2011), Tetonia,Idaho, USA, was a long time member of UPLI. He danced at many World Congresses of Poets throughout the world with Natica Angilly’s Poetic Dance Theater Company. He was the loving husband of Alisha Rodriges who was International Secretary General of past World Congresses of Poets.

The following three poems are from his poetry chapbook, "Journey of the Soul", published 2011, Tetonia, Idaho, USA.


The Unicorn Speaks
By Bob Rodrigues

My world is a place of soft green grasses and crystal pools.
The smell of new life fills the air.
The golden rays of dawn shine upon me
warms my body, reflects from my coat of white
and my soul is pure within.
In my eyes you see the reflection of your own pure heart
and your gentle softness.
Let me feel your touch upon me
that I may share your love and warmth within me.
We were not created to be alone.
Feel secure at my side, for no evil can remain in the
presence of the love and courage I posses.
My existence is made real by your belief in me.
My essence is the pure feeling within you,
the love in your heart.
Let us adventure together and share the experience of living
the joys of loving.

By Bob Rodrigues

Cocoon segments split separating
plates opening
releasing their small captive
diaphanous wings unfold
Dried by sun rays
Wings shudder into flight
through the forest’s canopy
Bites hungrily into clean morning air
Guided now by instinct, evolved through centuries
Completed, joined by the image of self
Wings flutter slows
Butterfly seeks refuge in the hibiscus bloom
Enfolded in scented petals, it’s eyes become shadows
Fingers reach and delicately withdraw the prize
My fingertips are coated with iridescent powder
Remember when the wings were shuddering
into flight, biting into clean air?

Dancing in the Light
By Bob Rodrigues

I gaze into the fire’s coals
Flames leap to meet the light
Flames dancing in my soul
Flames blending with the light
I hear their song
Coals of light pulsing within
The rhythm changes, changing ever changing
The fire, this light, this song changing me.
As the fire, dance and song change
We dance in the light

“Dancing in the Light,” by Bob Rodriges, as performed by Wanda Ingmire of Natica Angilly’s Poetic Dance Theater Company at the 2012 Dancing Poetry Festival at the Florence Gould Theater of the California Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco, CA

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