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Excellence in Poetry and
Life Time Achievement Grand Prize Winner
Poets of the Vineyard, 2008

In Memory of Winnie E. Fitzpatrick
Grand Prize for Life Time Achievement in Poetry
Presented by Poets of the Vineyard, 2008

She has more than a thousand additional prize winning poems and publications throughout the world. She is most fondly remembered by Poets of the Vineyard, the organization she helped found during a meeting in her kitchen. Poets of the Vineyard is a chapter of the California Federation of Chaparral Poets of which she was president from 1987-1989.

Over the years, Winne expressed many goals in life. She accomplished most of them. She went to Ireland with her husband Jim. She was honored at a World Congress of Poets at Buckinghamshire University in England. She won over 1000 prizes for poetry. She founded Poets of the Vineyard which is still active after more than 30 years. She went to Hawaii with her family.



A blazing sunset
wild March wind rearranging
valley oak shadows.
Wait for traffic light
pedestrian shadow bent
against strong March wind.
Summer henhouse noise
fox silhouette melts into
evening shadows.
June breezes stir trees
pigeons in park walk the bent
shadow of old man
A cool twilight breeze
when Autumn’s silent sun sets
a leaf shadows falls.
Straw hat shadow-play
on farmer’s wrinkled face, his
harvest almost in.

P ledge! Mankind, Pledge Peace!
I ncite the world to fly
G olden banners of accord, not
E vil banners of war.
O nward Pigeons for Peace,
N egate and destroy the
S eeds of bigotry and mistrust.
O nward Pigeons for Peace!
F ly the realms of our glorious globe
P ledge! Mandking, Pledge Peace!
E nlighten all antions to give
A llegiance to this noble cause.
C ease not your flight until
E very nation is joined in Brotherhood!

An acrostic
Winnie Fitzpatrick
Poets of the Vineyard, 2001

G always Bay
A shimmering jewel
L acing its
W oven way
A long a rugged
Y et majestic coast.
B eauty is the heather
A bove dark bogs which
Y ield Erin’s rich turf

An anacrostic
Winnie E. Fitzpatrick
Poets of the Vineyard, 2001


Needles needle my memory.
I see them moving, ever moving
in my mother’s gnarled hands.
Those crocheted doilies
adorning parlor chairs
forever slipping down


The late hours fly onward.
A tracery into ebon night
where electricity vapors the sky
with seeming heavely might.
Loved one not home yet
fear of accident becomes bold.
Mind batters at worry’s door
as terror now takes hold.
Phone rings into darkness
while terror strikes the heart anew.
Hand reaches with timid palm.
His voice a welcome coin that’s due.
Glacier mist of mind becomes clear
I broke down, but I’ll be home soon.”
A hand now strong replaces the phone.
The world is safe…in tune!

Winnie Fitzpatrick
Poets of the Vineyard, 2003

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