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August 2017

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Peggy Leyva Conley is an International Books Author and Musician. She was born in Hollister, California on the Pacific coastal region on a farm and ranch where she became close to nature.

It was here at an early age she became a writer of poetry and storytelling. She is also an accomplished published author of over fifteen books. She is a Musician, Artist, Painter, Photographer, Jewelry Designer, Sculptress and Potter. She received an art scholarship from San Benito Artist in Hollister, California and has won awards for her poetry from the San Francisco International Poets, Santa Cruz Poetry Society, United Poets Laureate International, and World Congress of Poets.

She has been published in hardbackbooks, newsletters, and magazines. Her works can be found on, Barns&, Pronoun-Random house,,, and many other distributors.

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Come Through the Door

Welcome to the opening of an inner-journey.

The Freedom is in the Light.

Allow your Spirit to be in the center of sharing


That which is there to enlighten your well-being knowing in all truth of Nature it was created by

the Divine creator of the Universe.

Learn from the wonderful Treasures hidden away at times by the naked eye.

Seek Peace.

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Drink Among the Valley

The Fisherman drinks fresh water among the Valley surrounded by a Yellow Sunburst Villa

where the Birds Fly overhead in praise of a beautiful Spring day.

A place where all the Flowers give off their Aroma to penetrate your sense of smell.

The nearby Red Fox hides in the Shrubs to lay down as he is watching in silence.

The Raccoons are at play and the Sea Otters crack Oysters while laying on their backs

in the Ocean waves.

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Sacred Paths and Cypress Trees

Take the Journey through the path leading to the Sun that shines so bright in the morning Sky

and feel the Warmth on your shoulder.

As the tall Cypress trees stand so tall and proud with the Mountains in the background.

Clay Pots line the Garden and Purple Wisteria are in full bloom, and the echoes of voices

from Children at play nearby on the Hillside are heard.

They gleefully drink from the Sweet Grape Nectar in the Vineyards for thirst and are found

sleeping upon the Hillsides during the month of May.

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The Maidens in the Garden

The Maidens flowing Silk dress is blowing in the Wind.

A Water Fountain pours out the scent of Lilics during the month of May.

As Maidens wait for the hands of Men to carry them away.

While the Gardener is pruning the trees and shrubs a Seagul is in mid-flight flapping his Wings

while carrying a Fish in its mouth.

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Transcendental Zen Garden

Olive Trees are blowing in the Wind along with the Cypress trees.

Wooden structures and Lantern lights are lit at night leading to paths of a dirt road

where people come to visit the garden.

A place to relax and hear the Water flow freely.

The Wooden Chimes are blowing in the wind as a man throws Pebbles

into the nearby River Stream one by one as Birds flock to Sing in Song.

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The Orchid

The Greatest is Love.

The Universe is a great Mystery of Planets as is the Garden when it grows

from a Seed and Sprouts out new Life like that of Orchids in Snow White.

The Sweet Scent in a Garden is the Fragrance of Love Penetrating your senses of delight.

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