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May 2017

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Ashok Chakravarthy Tholana is a poet and review writer, hailing from Hyderabad City, Telangana State, INDIA. He has been composing poetry for the past 25 years and has the distinction of getting the poems published in no less than 90 countries. That apart, he has been conferred with several prestigious awards and commendations for contributing to World Peace, Environment Protection, Safeguarding Children’s Rights etc. His poem “Plant More Trees” for United Nations ‘Billion Tree Campaign’ which was set to tune and released by “Association Pour la Terra”, France, received wide acclaim from several schools across the world. As of now, five out of his 18 poetry volumes have been published and translation of 12 spiritual related books were carried out from Telugu to English language. Presently he is employed as Asst. General Manager, with the Government-Partnered “Telangana State Co-operative Apex Bank Ltd”, Hyderabad, India.

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Nature and We

When the doors of nature in the universe

Were wide open with a pleasant view,

We, with selfish motives and ill-intention

Have let loose a reign of mass destruction.

Having pounded the surface and sea,

Having punctured the sky and space,

Having destructed the dense forests,

Having encroached the high mountains;

We have peeled natures’ unbound beauty

We have devastated invaluable resources,

We have polluted the life-giving air,

We have spoilt the pure water resources.

We have invaded all living species,

We have infiltrated the green valleys,

We have played havoc with rare birds,

We have hunted down the rarest animals.

We have almost inflicted a death blow,

Dear! Yet some hope exists even now,

Ignorance of any sort at this juncture

Will turn the tide against the universe.

With perfect care and perfect concern,

With perfect word and perfect action,

Let us act perfect, for a future perfect

In a perfect way for a perfect world.

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Now and Then

The delights

Of childhood

Surge in me.

My elated mood

Gets submerged

In the warmth

Of childhood days.

My fondling mother

My loving father,

In their cozy arms

I feel wrapped

With joy infinite.

The very moment

I am forced out

Of the short trance;

I fall apart

For, at a cross road

With tattered clothes

I sight a child,

Perhaps an orphan

Who still reflect

At this mid-life

In my heart’s eye.

Oh God!

Why such disparity?

Why such inferiority?

Where might be he!

Without food, and

Without a shelter;

Whose presence

Moved me

Even at childhood

And still keeps

Haunting me

Now and then.

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Think Positive

The beautiful flowers have to wilt tonight

And pave a way for the new buds to sprout,

The hapless birds rush to hide with fright

To rejoice again at the knock of dawn, in await.

The pitiable sight of a bone sucked beggar

The pathetic plight of untimely death of a dear,

The emotionally charged heart of a jilted lover

Everyone dread the recycling trend of sunset hour.

The darkness which infiltrates through the sunset

The fiery instinct within, which peeps to gush out,

Prompt things to get astray, with uncertainty at hilt

Without giving scope to counter the chronic torment.

The moon and stars are duty-bound to enthrall,

Nature performs its task to help human survival,

Unless the sun sets, tomorrow cannot dawn here

Yes, act positive to dispel every gloom and fear;

Unless the sun sets there won’t exist an iota of life

Yes, let’s think positive and brave the paths of grief.

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The Refuge of Eternal Joy

By the merits of great good fortune

A human birth is we bestowed upon…..

Like jewels of crown in the kingdom of love

Let our god-gifted discriminate power glow.

The nectar of love and the essence of peace

In fact are life’s eternal co-existence sources

Both dwell within, yes, within all of us

To savor life’s precious and lasting bliss.

Lured by ever-luring worldly entanglements

We break the citadels of right conduct;

Clasping thorns of selfishness and riches

We assume them as fresh blooming roses.

Transient and destructible is what “life” is

Yet, forfeiting true joy we run after mirages;

Discovered truth, we fling at vultures of desires

Preferring to survive on illusions and fantasies.

But, fulfillment of human birth as precious one

If searched, is found in love and devotion;

Why should we invite the tormenting fissures?

Which push life betwixt the birth-death sphere.

When the waves of true love and emotion surge.

Perfect happiness and contentment would resurge,

By helping the starving and serving the needful

One is bound to reach the refuge of joy-eternal.

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Tomorrow Seems ……

The fleeting time fascinates

Leaving us far behind, at times

Seasons are destined to come

Fading into eternity within no time.

Joys and sorrows frequent at times

Flowers of peace get rattled by storms

Lackluster are some surging moments

Instigative too are a few life’s moments.

A shout for peace at a war-torn corner

A scream for a fist of food at another

The shadow of death dance at both ends

Feasting on innocents who are dead.

The war for peace is a mere pretext

Violent deaths recur by gunfire assaults

For a fistful of food, people scramble

Betwixt the cries of thirst and hunger

The flowers of spring are torn apart

The dreams of the young seem upset

Tomorrow lurks behind the dawn of death

Cannot we co-exist with total faith?

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Breaking Silence

Silently I watch

Moment after moment

Slowly slip into eternity.

Silently I feel

The invisible layers of wind

Blow past into perpetuity.

Silently I glimpse

Tide after tide in the sea

Get swallowed by another tide.

Silently I glance

The delightful buds

Blossom by the passing of night.

And silently I aspire

To fly like home-coming bird

Across the golden horizon of setting Sun

Yes, silently I dream

To experience the bountiful warmth

Dancing midst the beautiful nature around.

But, Oh my dear!

I cannot watch in silence

A poverty ridden child or a destined orphan.

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