October 2017

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Bridget Eu Yoke Lin is from Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia, educated in England and Australia. She is a life member with the World Congress of Poets, UPLI and WAAC, also a member of Poets of the Vineyard (POV). She has published two poetry books “When Footsteps Merge” and “A Horizon of Jewels”. She has given recitals locally and internationally, being honored with several international poetry awards. Her awards included four consecutive prizes in 21st. 22nd, 23rd, and 24th Dancing Poetry Festival (AEI) and three prizes in the Founders Memorial Poetry Contest in 24th WCP, California, USA 2017. Her passion is writing poetry on humanity, to promote world peace, brotherhood and caring.

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A Peaceful Mind

When problem becomes a forgiving thought

When tolerance becomes a lasting strength

When patience becomes an unwavering will

When wisdom wakes up from a dream so still

Sorrow will then become joy and peace

The heart will embrace love and at ease

This happens when perseverance becomes alive

This is the integrity that will not fail in life

For perseverance is the key to a peaceful mind

To a peaceful heart, a peaceful soul, a peaceful mind

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A Thousand Miles

I have walked a thousand miles or more

Through the corridors of a span of career in all

As I swerved, swayed and turned the corners

I have met strong faces

A mother with a fourteen year-old amputee son

As I put my arms on her shoulders

She said, ‘My son still has one leg’

I have met brave faces

A leukemia boy on oxygen

As I reached for his hand

His bright teeth shone with a smile

I have met kind faces

The patients in their hospital beds

As I greet them, ’Good Morning’

They said, ‘Your lovely nurses had worked through the night’

I have met angelic faces

The twenty-eight year-old mother undergoing chemotherapy

As I adjusted her woolen hat

She put on her lipstick

As I see God in all their faces

I said to myself

I am not afraid to walk another mile

Perhaps, with God’s grace, another a thousand miles

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Arise to the Heights

Arise to the heights today

You will need to

Adapt to the vulnerabilities of change

Resolve constant conflicts and use

Resilience as a survival tool

That will help as life unfolds

Integrity must be the strength

To persist and persevere, that may

Initiate some joy at end of day

Sustenance of what you have

And inculcate the virtue of

Sincerity as a daily affair

Embrace the challenges and be

Enthusiastic in all things

As this will break the chains

That holds you down

Embrace, do not fear!

Embrace, Arise to the heights today

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Borders of Hope

With tears streaming down, their faces grim and sweaty brow

They have to leave loved ones behind in a frown

Across the Borders of Hope

Where the land opposite is greener, their only hope

Fortunate ones reach the borders safe

To face the next frontier in another state

Unfortunate ones fail before the borders front

Their bodies separate, their souls confront

Each day, the immigrants take a leap of faith

Across the Borders of Hope in undying faith

Their minds propel to make it

Their bodies tolerate not to break it

These are the sad stories heard over and over

In the media, television, newspapers on their crossover

As the world watch solemnly, the answers to this question elope

Are these Borders of Death or of Hope?

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By the Beach

By the beach on one sunrise

Against the backdrop of the sky

I saw the sunrise bursting across the horizon

With colors of orange and so bright

I stayed on site, sitting by the rocks

Looking at the pebbles and stones in sight

This was washed to the beach throughout the years

At each high tide and low tide

I glanced on the sand, miles and miles

That stretched without end

Wondering on how the seashells had washed ashore

Each different shape, shade and size had got there

I looked down once again

The tiny crabs creeping in and out of the sand

Seemed to say “hello” but stayed shy from my feet

And disappeared into the sand

The wind brushed against my face towards the sea

The waters gushed in rolling waves

Glittering in silver and in gold

This day at the beach when God is so within my reach!

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