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August 2018

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Ms. Shrinithyaa Gopalan

Shrinithyaa Gopalan is from South India living in Chennai City. She has worked four years in the US from 2006-2007 and 2012-2014. A software engineer by profession with passion for poetry, she is also interested in travelling, photography, psychology, science, technology and business finance. Her career experience spans from working in software and finance insurance sector over the past 12 years. She has completed Engineering in Computer Science at the Fellow Life Management Institute (Life Insurance, USA), with a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management from Symbiosis (India).

She has also written a number of e-books found at

  1. The Power of Hope – motivational poems for youth
  2. Falling in Love or Love in Fall (Paperback also) (Fall season pictures and love poems)
  3. Lake Glenview – Pictorial photo e-book with quotes
  4. Chicago – Travel photo e-book about Chicago on a rainy day
  5. White Roses – Pictorial photo e-book with poetic quotes on world peace
  6. Vivid Laurels – Pictorial e-book with quotes
  7. A Midwest Winter – Pictorial photo e-book on winter and poetic quotes
  8. Poovar Wonder – Sunset pictures and quotes
  9. Earth Day – Environmental awareness (April 22nd every year)
  10. Specially prepared book for 25th congress “Travel with Me” to know about travel photos, quotes and e-books. Shared with couple of judges, will release e-book so
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Optimism — I love to live

When you are dull, depressed,

and feel like there is nothing in life,

and if thoughts of suicide or self-destruction

ever cross your mind, just pause

and read my lines on the marvel called “life!”

I love to live, because it is a gift from God

I love to live, because life is worth it

I love to live, because life is challenging

I love to live, because there are people around

I love to live, because there is a unique purpose

I love to live, because there is lot to learn

I love to live, just to laugh and enjoy

I love to live, because I feel cared for

I love to live, because I am optimistic

I love to live, because every day I discover

something nice in this world!

I love to live since I know its essence,

which is to give and spread happiness!

You are not an orphan any time,

even if the entire human race is gone

and there is just a single creature

living in this world, like a plant or

a small dog, it awaits your love and

you are not alone, just love to live!

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He is the one who stands

as a guard to our lands,

Away from all love and care,

not even one does he spare!

He is young and smart

and has an extraordinary brave heart!

What to speak of his glory,

in reshaping our country’s story

He, too, dreams of his sweetheart,

but he has to take part

for the defense of our country

against illicit intruders’ entry

And the fateful moment strikes…

He fights until he dies!

For the cries of his wife and mother,

there is hardly any answer!

His parents feel proud and sad,

to see their son lying dead,

Alas! His noble life will give

others a chance to live.

Even the greatest fund or price

we give cannot compromise his sacrifice,

Let us praise that undaunted soul

for his national spirit and goal.

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When you are in Love

When you are in love

Every day is a birthday.

When you are in love

Every day is a festival.

When you are in love

Even emptiness does matter

When you are in love

Miles seem meters.

When you are in love

You never get angry.

When you are in love

You are always dreaming.

When you are in love

Days fly like minutes

When you are in love

You notice even small things.

When you are in love

You feel happy to live!

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Dignity of labor

I met a cobbler once

who was proud and happy!

He not only altered

torn footwear,

but also made beautiful

new shoes and sandals.

I could see

in his eyes the wisdom

of self-actualization

and job satisfaction about

which management books speak!

I learnt that there is

no big job or small job,

but whatever work that I do,

I should do

with full concentration

and earnest dedication!

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There is just one J.K. Rowling, who

could create such an unprecedented series,

Harry Potter, which became a

fabulous success among the youth!

There was just one Michael Jackson,

who became the King of Pop – an icon

and a legend with a mission for charity!

There was just one Mahatma Gandhi,

who could win freedom through non-violence!

There was just one Neil Armstrong,

who first took humankind from Earth to the Moon!

All these people created history that is

fantastic, unprecedented, and unconventional,

They were ready to face anything in the world

To exhibit their originality, uniqueness, and talent.

Have you discovered that in you, that which is so unique?

That which is novel, powerful, and unprecedented,

That which can change the world with your work

That which can live decades after you die!

Find that in yourself and bring on a revolution!

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