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January 2018

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Teresinka Pereira

Teresinka Pereira: Brazilian-American poet, President of the International Writers and Artists Association (IWA), President of the International Congress of the Society of Latin Culture.She received from the Knights of Malta Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem the hereditary title of “Dame of Grace”, signed by the Grand Prior S.O.S.J. Dom K. Vella Haber(Malta, January 8, 1997). January 1999 she was appointed Senator of the International Parliament for Safety and Peace.

Dr. Teresinka Pereira received, in 1985, the noble title of Dame of Maggistral Grace from Dom Waldemar Baroni Santos, Prince of Brazil,for her literary merits. Teresinka received a Ph.D. in Romance Languages from the University of New Mexico, USA, and in 1997 received the Doctor Honoris Causa degree from the University Simon Bolivar, in Colombia. In 1972 she received the National Prize for Theater in Brazil;in 1977 she was nominated Poet of the Year by the Canadian Society of Poets, and in 1992 was nominated Personality of the Year by the Brazilian Writers Union. She was awarded a golden “Laurel Wreath” as “Laureate Woman of Letters” from the United Poets Laureate International (UPLI). In 1994 she was the winner of the Su-Se Ru International Literary Magazine Company Prize in Korea, and in Greece,she was the winner of the Prize City of Athens. Also in 1994 was elected Director of International Affairs of the Society of Latin Culture. Since 1989 she is a member of the North American Academy of Spanish Language, correspondent of the Royal Spanish Academy.

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Everybody’s Dream
In memoriam of Dr. Martin Luther King

May the irascible supremacists

recognize the mud

in which they drown themselves

with their incompetence.

May the pseudo-democrats

notice that heaven flames up

with their hypocrite fights.

May the cowards look around

the tombs and see

the prints of their fingers

that without pulling the trigger

have killed so many human beings

in useless wars caused by their

ambition and unlimited greed.

The wish for peace could have

taken shelter in all of their conflicts,

if we could ever ask the irascible,

the hypocrites, the cowards:

What is your dream?

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Valentine’s Day
February 14 in USA

Dear friends and brothers,

Christians, Jewish, Buddhists,

Lamanists, Monists, Mormons,

Quakers, Taoists, Islamic,

people of Voodoo, Atheists,

and the ones who adore Tupã*!

I love you as my brothers

and sisters, does not matter

your nationality or religion,

if you are honest

and respect the thoughts,

sentiments and creed

of the other people,

giving them freedom

to be and to live as they wish.

Our humanity is already

developing to the point

of being tolerant and ecumenical

and we can as an individual

go ahead and embrace

freedom to all.

Globalization must start

with love, just as the

beginning of life.

Only respect and love

among all can bring peace!

Let us love all people without

prejudice of race and religion.

I am atheist, but in solidarity

I am also Christian, Jewish,

Buddhist, Quaker, Taoist,

Islamic, and I am with

the people who profess the

Voodoo and the Indians

who adore Tupã.

* Tupã is the God Sun,

of Brazilian Indians.

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Easter, Passover, Spring

Springtime blooms our

hope for eternal life.

It is the treasure

of renascence

always chased

by our minds.

It is not a miracle,

it is knowledge which slowly

takes us to the horizon

in which scientists and

poets in the beacon of love

raise our desires of saving

with our lives, the existence

of the Planet for our

descendants who will inhabit it,

with the ones who will arrive

after them to this minimum

Universe, full of brilliant

dawns coming back day after day.

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Sadness is a simple

weakness, is distress

and failure, almost fear.

However it may offer

an opportunity

to look for courage,

to discover a new breath

and an optimistic direction.

It is urgent to get out

of yourself and to invest

efforts in helping

someone who may be

suffering the same thing.

Sadness is contagious,

but so is the courage.

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A star exploded

luminous and ardent

and fell on Earth.

Each atom of it

was injected into

the human being.

We came from the sky

and we are metal lightning

remaining on Earth

which we learned to transform.

Some day we will explode again

and will return to the Universe

from where we came.

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