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May 2018

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Bianca Beatriz P. Yuzon

Bianca Yuzon has been writing poetry since she was a wee wolf girl (although she didn’t really know it at the time). She published her first book of poetry called “Love on the Doorstep” at the age of 7.

Since then, she has transformed her poems into songs, releasing them under the artist name of “YUZON”. Her work often fuses elements from the physical and spiritual planes, and acknowledges that there is magic, beauty, things to be grateful for, and lessons to be learned whether in life’s seasons of light or darkness.

Bianca is inspired by our cosmic inner and outer worlds, travel, nature, animals, film, relationships, and the cycles of human existence.

Her other passions include painting, fashion design and acting.

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The Rooftop Song

Quietly, the ladder

Lets steal away to the roof

The sounds of My City

And the cold night air

Pull your hood up,

Let your guard down

Were among friends


Trying to be stealthy,

I’m no alley cat

But to perch by your side

I’m quite good at that

Out in the open

It’s easy to believe

We are reminded

We can do most Anything

Father Sky, Mother Sky

Tell us a story

Witnessing the same time,

One that is unfolding

Down Below, way Up High

This is what it means to fly

While Falling

Quietly, surrender

To the Great Expanse

Up here we feel so small

And yet so grand

I’ll keep you close

‘Cause near or far

Were under the same moon

And same stars

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Fair Folk Summons

Wake up

You can’t do this work


Wake up

And Bloom

Never would they tell you

Never could they tell you lies

They’ll help you

Set your dreams on fire


It’s all you can do to

Keep your iron tongue

From lashing out

Pay your respects, son

On your way out

As you cross

The Garden Bridge


To long for the Unspeakable

Along the Unreachable

They are wanting you

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Humbled by Amethyst Skies

In your eyes I see pure potential,

no room for shame or coarse mundane

and if that means you feel it all

like the wellspring of oceans

crashing down, around, at once,

let it be.

you can freeze up (crystalline) or Flow:

for in this intricate life-dance,

our hearts drop the beat

our minds set the tone

We move

to the Universal rhythm

of an Energy so resplendent

we can only begin fathom

it’s allure, it’s grandeur.

And yet here we are,

And there it lies,

Beautiful in its simplicity

In between the spaces and spontaneity

In the knowing that

despite torrential change

and flickering doubt

we can trust that all is well.

We stumble upon the rocks to rise to amethyst skies

We make the steps as we go along

Learning the language that uses no words

Sowing the seeds of new elegant worlds

Together-apart, and ultimately

Happy To Be.

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Yellow Finch

baby pines and steep inclines

adhere to natures order

but I glide by (and won’t comply)

with the sentry at the border

in his wake the mountain shakes

(at least that’s what they say)

but I have galaxies to roam

and can’t afford delay

“and what do you think you’re doing?”

a booming voice demands

“making my own way” I say

“to Unknown, distant lands”

“Why? you’ve all you need right here”

it thundered on “and more”,

“I’m grateful” answered I,

“but I really MUST EXPLORE!”

“dangers lay ahead

when you are past your comfort zone

should you return, it won’t be the same–“

“yes cause I’ll have grown!”

“wonders also do await,

to rendezvous and congregate

I will absorb, I will create:

transform the norm,

enhance my fate…

and to those who wish me ill,

I wish them better juju still!

good sir, I will not reconsider,

you’ve failed to make me hesitate

now show yourself! or better yet, please open up the gate!”

an eerie silence followed…

perhaps I went too far?

but then the gate–it vanished!

(frankly quite a bit bizarre)

I took step, and looking back

a yellow finch did wink

before it flew away

I sighed and said “I need a drink”.

Fear will try to box you in,

Doubt will bolt the door,

but you have the keys

to best them both

or better yet, just ignore

P.S. also kids, alone in the forest never pop a hallucinogen–for not everything that hides is a queer and yellow friend. the end.

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