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November 2018

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Mr. Jacob Isaac, M.A., LIT. D. (Honorary)

Jacob Isaac is a multi-award winning and internationally acclaimed English poet. Born in Mavelikara, Kerala (India), he is the founder of the Saint Thomas Education Project inSouth Africa (STEPSA) and the founder, owner and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Good Shepherd Model High School in Marble Hall, South Africa.

Although he is an entrepreneur and CEO of a business enterprise and an educator, his passion in portraying the powerful feelings and thoughts through poetry supersedes all his other interests. By using imagery and metaphors, he creates meaning and beauty to the feelings and thoughts and to the inexplicable enigmatic and existential situations. By using rhythm and language, he communicates psychological perspectives from the hidden and invisible world of human consciousness through his poetic expressions. His distinctive poetics and persona create a unique style for his poetry, which evoked much attention from many corners of the world.

Isaac’s widely recognized book of poetry, Sense of Enigma (published in 2012), was translated into the Spanish language and published in America in 2015 with the Spanish title Sense of Enigma: Sentido de enigma by Luis Alberto Ambroggio, the famous scholar and writer of the North-American Academy of the Spanish Language. The Sense of Enigma is currently being translated into French and Uzbek languages. His seminal poetic work, Sense of Enigma, has received numerous international, national and state level awards for excellence in poetry.

Isaac’s second book of poetry titled, Suggestion, was published in 2015 along with a compilation of the poems of Dr. Ernesto Kahan, the famous poet, medical professor and scientist from Israel.

Jacob Isaac holds a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in English from Bhopal University and a Master of Arts (M.A.) degree in English Language and Literature from Sri Venkateswara University. Prior to his successes as an entrepreneur in South Africa, he was an English Teacher in Maseru, Lesotho.

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Aging Liberty

Aging liberty

The liberal liberty

Aging the ages

Ageless emotions

Occasional audacity of attitude

Dictating the version of out look

Go with your will of enriching tie

Fume with your paranoia of

Articulating facial expressions

Nautical columns and speed of thoughts

There my insight back to hit

My acquiring anatomy of resourceful view land

Your renovating experience

of gathering commission

and brightening encroaches of

Bargaining rhetoric touches

There my nick name of obscurity

And your guilty negotiations of prestigious view

Vehemently neurotic locations of craze

Let me come there with a yell

You vague should brave

And be your age.

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Neural Mapping

The crutches of my liberal

But vibrating saga of mind mapping

Nominating the plural narration of stability

Remote pursue of loneliness

My evasion of touring the regular concept

Drive my actual emotional liberation

Intuition of inmate proceedings

There the court of cornering causes

There the route and roaring dimensional longitude

Sensitivity and lucid response dominating chances

There I logically stimulate the clear memory

Renewing the master mind of

Mapping the legitimacy of leisure and relaxing mood

Tension and terrific changes of neural calmness

Claim the contemporary condition traumatizing

The vibrant imitation of rhythm

Conflict of emotional rituals

Vibrating the crucial coronation

Leaking the logic of continuity

But joining the power of habits

Timidity and transcendental tranquility

Merging and murmuring the drowsy

Moment of guilty notion

But my numerical calamity of choices

Chosen the traditional table of gravity

Look at the level of actualization

Tick at the mobilizing verification.

Try my tranquil travel goal

Still my single label wall

Take terracing thriving word

Make legacy driving word.

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Withdrawal vanity of the mind

The eyes of the feedback

The drawing fingers of the word

Wandering the unwanted guest

Yellow! The colourless merger of suffering

And the rest of the methods

Weeping through the ages.

Look! The pretending suggestion which

Belongs to the seconds.

Prudence of the impulses

Beating the timeless efforts:

Perception! How divided emotional drag?

How divided integral task?

The book of blackness

The door of openness

The lee of reinforcing word

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Sense of Enigma

She stared and said!

Evaporation of emotions …

Erupting and diluting the events

Can we prove the frothy

Timidity of time …

My sense of enigma

Her crude leverage of reasoning clusters

Provoke me to respond

Her penetrating eyes prevent my tips

She murmured! Evaporation of desire!

She stood and nodded …

Tickling the map of my mind

Pricking the lap of my impulses

But the change of chastity

And the relocation of certainty

Wiped my ego and elevation…

She said, let us make a trip

To the map of aspirations

Where we sit and pat our theme

There we pay the levy of leisure

There we roar and rare the rate.

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Time Shield

How comfortable you are without within

How remarkable you are

How pleasant and presentable you are

Come on my unreachable presence of time shield

Give on my conditioning courage of losses

Unpredictable ownership of relations

Rolling the amicable compromises of commotions

Leading the regrettable decisions

Draught the youngness

Nevertheless, irrevocable legacy of emotions

Hopeful omissions of days

Thankful dimensions and absence of adoration

And substance of social legitimacy

Facial rhythms and crucial scenario of labels

Attracting provisions of mingling missions

Averting shy of stigma

Prolonging power of guilty ticks of movements

Neurotic tremors and stigmatic coherent

Praises of meeting the shepherd

Hi! YOUR space and range for sometime

Your face and facial world

Presence of promotional path

Fillers are there

Vacuum won’t stay

Can’t be long, vacuum can’t be long.

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