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April 2019

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Mr. Jeffrey Williams

Inspiring, insightful and passionate describe the poetry of Jeffrey Williams. A native of Washington, DC, Jeffrey began sharing his gift for poetry in college and continued throughout his Air Force career. In 1992, his poem Mission Accomplished was used during the closing ceremonies of the Air Force’s Strategic Air Command and now resides on permanent display at the SAC and Aerospace Museum in Nebraska. His selection by the International Society of Poets as its 1999 Poet of the Year, along with his 2015, 2016, and 2018 awards from the United Poets Laureate International affirm the positive impact of his poetry both nationally and internationally. He now shares his hope-reviving messages through public speaking engagements, poetry readings and his poetry books. His latest book, Reflections of the Heart is his sixth book of poetry.

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As we begin out lifetime of many celebrations,
I see in you the progress of noble generations.
As we exchanged our marriage vows as well as rings in gold,
I felt God’s blessing touch this tradition of having something old.

I see in you
The history of our people as they strived to perpetuate a dream,
I see our step into marriage as their legacy now redeemed.
Our ancestors struggled to maintain committed family ties,
I see that same commitment reflected in your eyes.

With you, my love is warmly cherished, your heart is never chilled.
In you, I see my faith renewed and my precious hopes fulfilled.
I see the happiness of our golden years as we share an ocean breeze
Or stroll a deserted trail to watch the sun emerge beyond the trees.

I see in you
The willingness to stand beside me when the tides get very rough,
I see your openness and understanding when I know I make it tough.
You listen with a caring that is seldom found today,
and advise without berating, never lose this gifted way.

In you, I see the part of me that makes me truly whole,
The honesty and respect needed to meet our destine goal.
This day, I pledged my devotion, my honor and my trust
because I know what I see in you is the best I see in us.

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I didn’t understand till now…

When we dance, we find a natural, comfortable, unpretentious
matching of time and space, we converge and emerge
as a multitude of one, single in purpose.

When we listen, doors open,
long sealed by anger encased in disappointment,
now heard unjudged by preconceived notions of what is…

When we talk, barriers fall; reconstructed fencing of
unprovoked excuses and deliberate failures to communicate
lay crumbled beside the foundation for healthy relationships,
“a day at a time” building.

Until now, I didn’t understand why the stale air of redundancy
never surrounded our relationship…with you, no, no, with us
the air is always fresh, clean and energizing.

When we breathe, my heart becomes yours, your lungs mine
and together we inhale our renewed future and exhale
a journey of hope filled with compassion and appreciation.

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On you, motherhood is not a boastful badge of achievement,
it is one of many wonderful facets that reflect
the brilliance of your life.

Therefore, I believe that celebrating you each day is
the proper way to appreciate the warmth, courage, stability,
and humor you selflessly share to improve the welfare of others.

My growth into the man you love is not by accident.
This opportunity, being cherished by you, is the blessing I needed
and a responsibility graciously accept, and humbly admire.

Squandering it is not an option. You enrich me and inspire me
beyond what gratitude justly expresses. You are a rare and
precious gift whose journey I am very thankful to share.

May this day for Mothers honor the many blessings you always
share with your children, and may your other blessings lounge
in the luxury of my love.

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Love, strong and powerful like a waterfall rushing swiftly
through every portion of the body.
Appearing suspended in time

yet free-falling
              into the depth of unknown
                                          pain and pleasure.
Nothing in its path is unaffected; little can suppress its force.

The rainbow reflects the many colors of love,
each bringing its own chemistry, whose absence would
diminish the purity of its essence, whose appearance after
a storm, demonstrates the forgiving nature of life and
the redeeming nature of love.

Together waterfalls and rainbows portray the power
and beauty of love, unexplainable and awe striking,
untouchable yet ever-present, adrenaline invoking and
mesmerizing, simply because it is what it is…
the heart’s good news.

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Although, I laid bruised and broken,
death’s scent never cluttered my senses;
humility and honor beckon me towards
the path for which I was chosen.

From the ashes of just existing, I arose transformed,
like the phoenix, into a living symbol of divine love.
I found within, a gift I will forever cherish,
the enlightenment of unconditional faith and belief.

As I began my renewed calling, to share with others,
the complete revelation of my blessings unfolded like
petals of a rose, gradually and with great beauty.

You freed me from the temporal understanding of life and
gave me the opportunity and responsibility of presenting
Your Word through my actions.

My faith and Your love molded me into a vessel from which
divine inspiration flows like fresh mountain springs untainted
by the impurities of daily living. As You wish, I will express
my gratitude by helping others realize their divine love.

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Within the ever-mending anguish of my being, resides a relentless
beacon of hope, a consistent reminder of worthiness to be
cherished as I am, without any conditions of change ignorantly
conjured within others’ minds.

When I think of you, I fill with serenity;
apprehension dissipates into a revitalizing mist
stimulating new growth in my understanding that
boundaries do not exist when doubt is not permitted to thrive.

As I explore this epiphany, I no longer question your quest for
my salvation. I know even my smallest contribution makes
a difference in this world of divine creation.

Because of you, enlightenment now guides my path and thriving
embodies my soul as together we move forward faith-filled and
unfaltering. I gladly face the challenges of our journey knowing
that we share the precious nature of love.

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