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October 2019

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Reuben Donnell Brown was born and reared in Detroit, Michigan. His early career included full time jobs in the auto industry while also carrying a heavy load at school and a growing family at home.

Educated at Lawrence Technological University and University of Michigan (Ann Arbor), his studies included Architecture, Industrial Management and Master of Business Administration (MBA).

His professional experience included corporate, business and individual financial planning and has also been instrumental in starting and operating personal businesses. Over the years, he has looked to the Arts to provide an escape from the drum beat and pace of the business world.

Lately, he has discovered a new interest in reading and writing poetry.

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Another year, another life, another day
Moving through, tasting life, making way.
A small child, a growing girl, a young lady, a woman
Taking time, moving on living life. Men.

Brother, Sister, Mother, Father, Family.
Sweet, bitter, tears, laughing, loving life—with glee.

Moving through, taking time, sweet, bitter tears.
Learning, looking, taking steps, forgetting fears.

May you always have the best
May you continue to have your full share of life.

Now and forever.

Love, Dad

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Stirring within the deep waters of the soul
Uncertainty, brilliance, happiness and pain.

This medium of exchange, the filter of the mind.
Such responsibility, tres dificile, in time.

Humanity, humility, humans all around.
A filter clear, one here, one there, not as sound.

Stirring the mind, humility, humanity, for all.
Searching, finding life, love, hearing the call.

May you know happiness greater than any sorrow.
May you know your worth without discounting others.

From this moment, until eternity.

Love, Dad

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A new world, a new man.
Finding life out. Staying tan.

Responsibility, new, standing tall
Walk, run, jump, ride, a fall.

Life’s def — ‘bout livin’ it — being down.
Bout us, yo boy — don’t frown.

New world, responsibility, life’s def!
You, me, them, us, family.

May you walk tall and find happiness.
And enjoy life to the full — Forever.

Love, Dad

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Wet nose and tongue,
Paws, tail, floppy ears and hair.
Loud bark and big teeth.

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A world of plenty.
Abuzz in constant motion.
Many stand and watch.

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This is our day!
To treasure know and live.
Our day to make a mark together as one.
Not tomorrow, yesterday or forevermore.
It’s ours right now to experience and love!

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Loss my voice a day ago.
Pray tell, where does a lost voice go?

Like an old friend gone away.
I wonder how long it will stay.

Felling like an empty shell.
I stayed in bed with no stories to tell.

Pen and pad are not the same.
A loss of voice seems a shame.

And here I sit, so much to say.
Please, dear voice, don’t stay away.

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Alone in my room with memories of you.
Always the memories flow through.

Left in the world without you,
Without understanding about you.

My senses feel so deprived,
Without you by my side.

We spoke of these days; our partnership
Might slip away.
And fought a gallant battle,
Against an inescapable fate.

Thoughts of you, and the slow
Ache continues…

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