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February 2020

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Natica Angilly feels that sharing the moving experience of listening to and dancing with poetry is a great way to connect with our humanity. As a choreographer, dancer, poet and author working in the San Francisco Bay Area, Natica sees poetry as a most fulfilling source of something to dance about. Over forty years ago, she met her poet husband, Richard, and together they created “The Poet and The Dancer” series of performance concerts and the unique Poetic Dance Theater Company (dedicated only to poetry as motivation for dance). Awards include recognition by the State of California in 2018 for significant contribution to the arts and culture through the founding of the Poetic Dance Theater Company and the Annual Dancing Poetry Festivals. Natica’s recent “Art of Awe” books of poetry and related arts and artists and her “The Romance of Poetry and Dance” are available on Amazon. Natica serves as President of Artists Embassy International, National League of American Pen Women (VP -Alameda/Diablo Branch), Alameda Island Poets (board member), Artistic Director and co-founder of the Dancing Poetry Festivals, and as VP Western USA of United Poets Laureate International. She appreciates United Poets Laureate International for the dedication to poetry and this opportunity to share her attraction to the arts of poetry and the artistry of poetry together with dance as a unified art form.

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Einstein describes feelings of awe as the Source of all true art and science.

The impassioned stage invites the heart and lights the page.
Significance is timed and dated.
The epic, dramatic, bucolic, and heroic reflect the art of
awesome impression.
Poetic breath proclaims the lyrical, comedic and sacred.
Eloquence dances the creative pageant.

Da Vinci reflects the universal and squares the measured circle.
Vitruvian man proves reason and purpose.
Spirited reverence highlights our inheritance.
The celebrated creators of the The Denishawn Dancers,
Ruth St. Denis, “the Devine dancer and mother
of the dances of universal peace, and Ted Shawn,
“The dancing minister” share the awe of poetic presence.

Jose Limon showed the rhythm the rhyme of immediate space.

Isadora Duncan performed the poetry of Milton, Whitman,
Khayyam and more. She raises the triumph
of natural intension, and invented a language of free expression.

The muses, serve inspiration and invite the poetry that dreams
in spirals. Thought and image unite.
Our atoms dance and our legacy connects.

Terpsichore, The muse of dance, becomes our personal
internal essence. All dancers share her family name.
Our heritage of being Terpsichorean connects us all to
continual inspiration.
With the love of inclusive delight, we dance our
eternal connection. And the universe, the sages say,
sends each of us here as a living poem.
We are written in the spirals swirling and strive for brightness.
Inspiration and awe live in the poetry
that eternally sparks our laudable light.

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Each poem is lovingly observed,
well delivered and differently heard.

Life dances each poem
Interpretation is generous, translation energetically debated.
Assessments emerge in a multitude of dialects.
The language of dancing poetry offers a vastness of diversity
Form and feeling move to serve the consciousness.
Philosophy is an eager devotee.
Expression and perception timelessly create -
In the moment differently heard.

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Poetry dances for love
For the soul
For sharing our stories
And glories.

Poetry dances the spirit
To relish the moment
To remember occasion
For love of the awe of expression
The awesome cosmos moves us -
Our Poetry Dances the Awe of our Universe.

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Each poem designs its own dancing vision.
Excellence and moving attraction
is defined, proclaimed and simply phrased:
                “poetry in motion.”

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The yes and no of body and soul
is often known as
the poetry of the spoken word.

The poetry that breaths the dancing depth
as thought and action
move the future.

Two art languages join together and
meaning, and motion
dance our universe

The page and stage converse and converge.
Gently spoken or whispered words
are firmly quoted or loudly shouted.

Poetic phrases fill with the past, present and presence.
The moving body impresses the air,
The eternal moves the soul.

Interpretations gain our attention.
Atmosphere blooms with poetic diversity.
The universe dances the spoken word.

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“Art that is bold and audacious is the
only art that is selling right now”
quote by marketing guru, Angar Mora.

You could save the nation, and maybe the world,
increase the breath and banish the blues!
Refresh the atmosphere and even reduce the national debt!
Enhance your capacity, ability, mobility –
gain agility by dancing with words and phrases,
that study the sequence of poetry steps!

These happier thoughts and moving games
lead the way
to a livelier brain.
Lets lower the high cost of not dancing
and save a fortune in health expense.
Poetry and dance together
is a total body/ mind engagement.
The practice lifts the spirit
and may even lower the blood pressure!
Today is not too late to advocate
for this bold and audacious poetic endeavor!

Remember, Poetic dancing insures everyone’s future!
However, while it is generally agreed,
no signatures appear on a guarantee.

So join the fun and write or dance or both
just as soon as you can!
This message is approved by your muse!

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